9 Reasons to NOT go Straight into Vocational Ministry

To those in seminary/preparing for vocational ministry: DO NOT be afraid to get a “normal” job. There are some major lessons you can learn working in an industry outside of ministry. The reasons are many to not go straight into vocational ministry.

Here are NINE of them:

1) You will learn skills that will help you in ministry.

2) You will meet people that will broaden your perspectives.

3) You will see what people go through on a day to day – giving you a better overall scope of how to handle those with heavy schedules.

4) You have a chance to witness/be a Christ example to your peers and clients. When you teach a church or ministry organization, it would be good to know how those in business can apply your message to their lives.

5) You can provide for your family more effectively/pay for your schooling

6) You will have more stories to tell from the pulpit. (trust me on this one 😜)

7) You will be forced to be more time-efficient.

8) You will be able to stay up-to-date on trends and what’s popular.

9) You will have a chance to act on now what you will preach later.

Disclaimer: I’m not saying that God’s not calling you straight into vocational ministry; He may very well be doing that. But He may not be…. YET.

Coming out of college, all I wanted to be was a pro basketball player or a preacher. Pro basketball didn’t work out as I had hoped and very few churches were calling me up to preach their Sunday morning services (although there were some great open doors).

I’m so glad that my plan was not God’s because there’s a boatload of lessons I’ve needed to learn in the past 7 years since I began to feel the call to be a preacher/pastor.

I’m going to be a lead pastor one day – but as of now – I’m a roofer.

But I’m ALWAYS a servant of Jesus Christ!

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